Whenever obedience to God's commandments takes center stage in a conversation, Matthew 5:17 always seems to get some air time. So that we cannot be acused of not doing our due diligence, we present some readings from the pillars of Protestant Christian Scholarship in the 20th century.

I must add that there are more but this sampling clearly reveals that these Scholars understood that since the Greek verb was active, not passive, the correct way to read it is 'to clarify the true meaning of something'. Taking that as our starting point, and adding in the collected comments of the Scholars above, I present an expanded translation of Matthew 5:17

Do not suppose that I have any intention of undermining the Torah and the Prophets [through misinterpretation]. My purpose is rather to place them on a firmer footing by interpreting them correctly in terms of God's ultimate will as He originally intended for His commandments to be obeyed.

In addition to Matthew 5:17, Protestant Christian Scholarship constantly write about this subject using verses throughout the New Testament. As another small sampling, I have included the following... As we move forward, I will add numerous other quotes similar in nature to those found above to demonstrate that there is a lot of consensus as regards the law for the Gentile Citizen in the Commonwealth of Israel.